What Are Construction Paper Crayons?

What Are Construction Paper Crayons?

what are construction paper crayons

Construction paper crayons are arts and craft supplies that allow coloring on darker surfaces including construction paper. The color vibrancy is similar to oil pastels, but these art accessories are better for kids because they don’t smear.

Construction paper crayons have been available since 1998, but they continue to be a popular art supply in homes and classrooms.

What is the Difference Between Construction Paper Crayons and Regular Crayons?

Using a construction paper crayon on any surface appears brighter and more vibrant because the pigments are less translucent than those used in regular crayons.

Construction paper crayons have a special ingredient that increases how opaque they are, called an opacifier. Construction paper crayons even work beautifully on black paper because the opacifier reflects light back to our eyes.

When crayons don’t have an opacifier, the darker paper surface absorbs more light, making the colors appear duller. For that reason, regular crayons do not show up well on construction paper.

Their formula is too translucent.

How Much Do Construction Paper Crayons Cost?

how much do construction paper crayons cost

Construction paper crayons are very affordable. On the Crayola crayon website, you can find a 16-pack for $2.99. It includes an assorted range of colors. The same pack is available on Amazon for $6.67.

They are also available in bulk quantities for art or elementary classrooms.

Staples sells a box of 400—25 of each of the 16 available colors—for $55.99. For a more limited color palette, you can also find a 160-count set that only includes eight colors.

Generally, the bigger the set of crayons, the more expensive it will be. Generic brands tend to cost less than Crayola.

Which Types of Paper Are Good for Crayons?

which types of paper are good for crayons

Crayola Construction Paper Crayons create vivid colors on all paper types, including light and dark-colored construction paper, craft paper, cardboard, and paper bags.

Can You Finger Paint on Construction Paper?

can you finger paint on construction paper

Construction paper is one of the least expensive canvases available, so parents often wonder if it’s okay to finger paint on construction paper.

While the color won’t be as vibrant, construction paper is an excellent medium for finger paints because it is thick and resistant to tearing.

How Can You Preserve Construction Paper Crayon Art?

how can you preserve construction paper crayon art

Construction paper fades quickly, so you have to take special care with artwork done on it. There are a few things you can do to preserve construction paper crayon art:

  1. Only use construction paper packs that say “fade resistant.” These will hold up better to light exposure than non-resistant paper.
  2. Use acid-free supplies. Acid can speed up the fading process, so archival quality art supplies are a must for long-term preservation.
  3. Handle the paper as little as possible once the artwork is complete. The edges of construction paper are delicate, so moving or touching it too often can damage it.
  4. Seal the art. You can use mod podge and paint over the construction paper crayon art or seal it in a laminating pouch.