What Is Sulphite Construction Paper?

What Is Sulphite Construction Paper?

what is sulphite construction paper

Sulphite construction paper is a sturdy type of paper for art projects. Because of its strong cellulose fibers, it’s excellent for various kinds of drawing mediums where you don’t have to worry about the color seeping into the porous wood pulp.

Furthermore, you can bend, score, and fold sulphite paper without worrying about it ripping. Sulphite isn’t the same as sulphate because of a difference in its atom composition.

Is Sulphite Paper the Same as Construction Paper?

When considering the question, “What is sulphite construction paper?”, it’s natural to compare it to the regular type. Sulfite construction paper is sturdier than construction paper, given that manufacturers remove lignin from groundwood, creating a smoother and white canvas with stronger fibers.

What Is Sulphite Paper Good for?

Some of the best art projects that sulphite paper is good for include mediums such as:

  • Markers
  • Oil pastel
  • Tempera paint

You can also use sulphite paper to make collages or cutouts that hold up better than other paper types.

Sulphite pulp is porous, so it’s not the best fit for watercolors or acrylic paint, which will soak into this medium.

What Is Colored Sulphite Paper?

Traditional sulphite paper comes in white. However, you can purchase dyed, colored paper depending on the needs of the craft you’re making. Some companies even sell fade-resistant sulphite paper so that it maintains its bright color.

What Is Heavyweight Construction Paper?

what is heavyweight construction paper

Heavyweight construction paper is paper that weighs between 65 – 80 pounds. When purchasing sulphite paper, the package will indicate the paper’s weight.

The heavier the paper, the more durable it’ll be. Therefore, it’s an excellent choice for projects requiring folding or if you use a hefty art supply like oil pastels.

What Should I Use to Draw on Construction Paper?

what should i use to draw on construction paper

You can use many different mediums to draw on construction paper, but tempera paint and dry-based supplies are the best. Because construction paper has some texture from the groundwood, it does an excellent job bringing life to chalk and charcoal.

What Is the Difference Between Construction Paper Crayons and Regular Crayons?

It’s essential to understand the difference between construction paper crayons and regular crayons. While you can use regular crayons on construction paper, crayons designed for this material are ideal because they have opacifiers or special fillers that allow the colors to show up better.

The result is a more vibrantly colored piece of art regardless of how dark the construction paper is that you use.

How Do You Preserve Construction Paper Art?

how do you preserve construction paper art

To preserve construction paper art, you should start by purchasing anti-fade paper, which is often the case of colored sulphite paper. An “acid-free” label is another indication that your paper will hold up in the long term.

Make sure to keep your construction paper out of direct sunlight. Once you complete your project, touch the paper minimally, and coat it with an acid-free spray after placing it on paperboard with a pH of seven.

Finally, ensure you keep your construction paper art in a dry location.